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So, there is this. Piccolo from Dragonball Z. Reblog that shiiiiiiit, you know you want to <3

So, there is this. Piccolo from Dragonball Z. Reblog that shiiiiiiit, you know you want to <3

Hobo blog needs more pizazz

I’ll get around to maybe designing some graphics for this thing. A nice background image full of tits or something, I don’t know. So many choices! Been working on some nice character designs, and when I am not being a slacker paint brush junkie, I miiiiight post some of them.

This art blog is turning into a testament to my lazy sloth-like behavior. Gross.

Anarchy: Philosophy within an unrealistic reality.

It’s not just an art blog, you knew this was coming. Shh shh, just accept it.

Being in a libertarian movement makes it hard for me to take statists seriously. Even so, I respect their opinions, and generally try and ask question regarding their viewpoints. Some get angry with me, some enjoy the discussion. Most ignore me. I am surrounded by other like minded individuals, all with different ideas on how to achieve liberty in our lifetime.

Anarchists are… Not like this. I get it as a concept. If fact, I most identify with Anarchy. But uh… There is a difference between reality and philosophy. Sure, wouldn’t it be lovely if at least half the population accepted and followed the rules of personal responsibility and non aggression. It’s fine to want to believe that, but I am going to be honest: It’s not going to happen. Ever.

Though I don’t believe people a necessarily inherently “evil”, there are defiantly some sociopaths out there that would make it hard for you to go “yeah, but”. No “but”. There is no clear answer on how to deal with shitbags. We’ve tried personal shaming, ostracism… If you have something that is valuable (money, resources), someone is going to try and take that from you. Good argument for the 2nd amendment and gun rights, bad if you generally abstain from violence.

A phrase I hear a lot is “Anarchy means no rulers, not no rules”. Okay, what are the rules? 8 out of 10 I get a blank stare, or regurgitated half assed textbook philosophy drabble. I have to wonder how many “Anarchists” are in it for means to identify with a group. Funny how non conformity turns into group mentality. I get there is no clear answer, but this is why it really will not work. Because if you have 50 percent of the population walking around, completely indecisive. Well, have you ever been married? It’s a lot like that.

My biggest issue being about prison systems and “restitution”. So, check this: Most Anarchists believe in something referred to as the “non aggression principle”. this means, they do not believe in harming other people, unless in self defense. This applies to locking them in cages (jail), or slavery. Personal freedom being the goal. They also believe in restitution. Now, I don’t see how you can really believe in both. If someone owes you something, and your ideal way to receive “restitution” is having someone work for you, or pay you. How…. Do you get someone to do that without, like, making them? Seems like there would be some incentive for being fucked over, or violence. Lots and lots of violence. Now, lending money to someone is a personal risk, so I can’t say I’d feel bad for anyone that got fucked in this equation, but I am baffled by the ignorance of people. “Most people want and will do good by their neighbor”. Nigga please, have you MET people? I can’t even get someone to hold a door for me. See what I am getting at?

Even still, I believe in it as a philosophy. I mostly live my life as if government doesn’t exist. I don’t really feel oppressed in my daily life either, so not really an issue for me. Small government seems to be the most realistic in my eyes, but…:

The Lizard from Spider-man :) Watercolors are kind of my thing now.

The Lizard from Spider-man :) Watercolors are kind of my thing now.

Art blog?

My gal pal Liz told me to make a Tumblr. Since I had no idea what the hell that meant, it took me a while to get this going. I’ll post some sketches and stuff once in a while. I need something other than Facebook to post a little T and A. I’ll try to keep it classy and the such, but no promises. So keep checking back, I might actually maintain this ;)